We have recently implemented a new programme of study in response to the Government’s aim to introduce computing onto the National Curriculum to replace ICT.

At Beeston we have highlighted the themes of Coding, Internet with Networks, and Digital Literacy as the areas that will give our pupils the most rounded and valuable computing education.

The pupils greatly enjoy their Coding in lessons. We use Scratch, Code Academy, Lightbot and a number of other apps to introduce and develop this important skill. Pupils are delighted when they can crack a code pattern, build an interactive game or send commands to Lego Technic Robots – the architects, engineers and developers of the future may well be taking their first steps here!


“Man is still the most important computer of all”

JF Kennedy


In building and designing we have been most impressed with both the Raspberry PI and Micro: Bit pcs. These pocket-sized computers have been a phenomenon since their release and all children spend some time in developing their Internet with Networks skills in their use.

To cover Digital Literacy we learn how to use Word, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Draw, Paint, and Movie Design Software for creative purposes. This is supplemented with learning about a range of Cloud Computing Apps including research and email for use in our ever increasing ‘internet of things’ world.

The department is always in the process of upgrading whenever practicable in order to prepare the school and pupils for the technological challenges that lie ahead. Presently, the main computer room is furnished with 18 new All in One PCs. In addition, 30 Chromebooks for fast internet access, cloud computing, use of applications and the increasing number of interactive web sites for learning is available. We also have over 30 Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers and Micro: Bit to help develop coding and computer science skills.

Change in this subject is constant and, as much as we can, we like to keep up, watch this space…