A leading day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 4 - 13 yrs set on the idyllic North Norfolk Coast

Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision

To inspire, and nurture, spirited and confident children

Everything begins with our conviction that happy children are the most ready to learn. Academic success is central, but only part of the all-round development of children at Beeston, where all activities are focused on the many aspects of character development: the personal and social, the creative and physical, the moral and spiritual and the logical and linguistic. Recognising these enables us, together, to maximise the chances of success so that the children understand, and are committed to, their own growth.



Our Values

At the centre of Beeston are three key values that inform everything we do:

Purpose:  A love of learning across a broad curriculum, enabling children to achieve their very best both in and outside the classroom

Resilience:  Encourage children to explore outside their comfort zone, not to be afraid of failing, but to aim high in all things

Empathy:  Learn to work with and care for themselves and others, not only those close to them, but also the world beyond Beeston


Our Aims

To ensure that our vision and values are embedded in our daily activities and applied to the key areas of school life – teaching and learning, pastoral and boarding, staff development and the school improvement plan – we have summarised as follows:

Our aim is that Beeston children will:

  1. Have a respect and appreciation of themselves, others, their environment and the wider world
  2. Undertake their learning with energy, independence and without fear of failure
  3. Be given the confidence to aim high, be adventurous and open-minded


In order to implement these aims, Beeston will:

  • Aim for excellence and quality in all areas, maximizing the idyllic setting and the freedom it offers
  • Ensure that each child is given the individual care needed to be the very best of him/herself
  • Offer enrichment and passion for learning through memorable experience inside and outside the classroom
  • Place emotional intelligence on an equal footing with academic teaching

Pupils show outstanding social skills. They are polite, respectful of others, show a strong respect for rules and demonstrate high standards of behaviour.

ISI 2017

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