A leading day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 4 - 13 yrs set on the idyllic North Norfolk Coast

The Beeston Difference – 5 Reasons why parents choose Beeston

Beeston – an outward-looking, open-hearted, and friendly school where children thrive

We take huge pride in the caring, warm, family feel of our school, created in part thanks to our size. Children get to know each other well, naturally gathering in mixed age groups regularly: during activities and in the evening, at assemblies, mealtimes and the all-important games of Spotlight!  

Our Yale University RULER* programme is one of the key foundations of our outstanding pastoral care. Our size also means that children never get ‘lost’ in the crowd. We are able to focus on the individual, and support and challenge them as appropriate on their educational journey. Our size and safe campus means our pupils have a freedom rarely found these days, providing opportunities for exploration and understanding of the local environment. Purpose, Resilience and Empathy lie at the heart of everything we do.

Beeston pupils are well-rounded, happy and confident children. They are much in demand amongst the many senior schools they go on to, recognised, as they are, for being well-prepared academically and for their positive attitude, good manners and outgoing natures.

*for Emotional Intelligence: Recognising, Understanding, Labelling, Expressing and Regulating emotions. 

A 100% success rate to first-choice Senior Schools, 65% of which are awarded scholarships

The curriculum at Beeston is designed to enable every pupil to reach his or her potential. We are non-selective and aim to build the children’s confidence through developing a ‘have a go’ attitude. With this comes the achievement, and a remarkable track record for scholarships of which we are particularly proud: that’s 72 academic, music, sport and art scholarships won, to 24 different senior schools, in the last 6 years. Beeston is the only independent prep school in Norfolk with a national reach.

Outstanding sports, music, art, drama and a myriad of extra-curricular activities and clubs

As part of our ‘have a go’ attitude at Beeston, ‘sport for all’ is our philosophy. We often put out up to 16 teams to ensure that every child gets to play.  For a small school, we have an unusually large pool of sporting talent: 9 IAPS national hockey finals in the last 6 years, our pupils regularly representing County and Regional teams in a variety of sports and a steady stream of sports scholarships awarded to leading Senior Schools.

There are over 40 co-curricular hobbies and clubs per week for pupils – most of which are included in our termly fees. From rock group to yoga, roller-skating to gardening, shooting to coding or surfing to film club, there is always something for everyone. Beeston’s all-round education programme inspires every child to achieve his/her best. We do this in the gentlest of ways and ensure that all abilities are catered for and that every child’s contribution is valued.

A beautiful location on the North Norfolk coast

Our stunning coastal location enables us to deliver a unique and broad curriculum of indoor and outdoor learning, bringing out the best in our pupils, both academically and personally. The woods within our 35-acre campus allow the children the freedom to explore and play in a safe environment. Trips to the beaches are frequent, for both ‘slow’ activities like rock-pooling, and fast ones, like cross country runs!

As an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the north Norfolk coast is of international importance and is elemental in helping our children learn about our responsibilities towards the environment, and a backdrop to our Eco-School credentials.

Engaging, fun and homely boarding

We are the only full-boarding prep school in Norfolk. We also offer weekly and transition boarding for the younger years. The school’s cosy feel and the levels of comfort in the boarding houses make boarding at Beeston a veritable home from home. With this in mind, children have given their own design input to create different dorms of great originality and fun.

Beeston boarding weekends are relaxing and informal, with many activities – Beeston’s Got Talent and stop-frame animation workshops are just two examples. The freedom of boarding weekends gives children the space and time to grow, explore their passions and discover new interests.

Country prep with vitality and warmth and a well deserved reputation for nurturing its pupils who are friendly and confident, willing to give things a try.

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They bring out the best in them in the gentlest of ways.

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