A happy, wholesome place where children love to learn.



Our aim is to nurture children who are happy, healthy and love to learn! The Pre-Prep offers children the time and space to grow and develop at their own rate supported by creative and inspiring teachers. Our small class sizes ensure that each child’s learning journey is tailored to suit them. Teachers get to know your child very quickly and work with you to ensure that their first years at school are positive and memorable.



‘Children are inspiring and it is a huge privilege to teach them in the Early Years. Their honesty, creativity and determination make each day unique. The inquisitive nature which children naturally possess makes for an exciting and dynamic learning environment.’

Claire Grieves, Pre-Prep Teacher



Children are taught the fundamental skills in reading, writing and maths in daily discreet sessions. They can then apply these skills in fun and engaging enhancement activities. As I’m sure the children will tell you, the best way of learning a new spelling is to make it out of Playdough!

Children can work in small groups either as collaborators or with an adult to support or extend their learning. This allows the teachers to plan specifically to ensure that each child gets the support and attention they need in order to thrive in each area of learning. The small class sizes also ensure that we can give 1:1 attention on a regular basis, discussing your child’s next steps with them making sure they know how they can achieve them and possibly earn themselves one of the coveted Lego stickers (a highly sought after commodity in our Pre-Prep!)


We aim to plan memorable learning experiences for your children. We take an active and engaging approach to learning, allowing flexibility for the children to decide the path our topic will take…

“Mrs Grieves, can we make some diwa lamps to celebrate Diwali?”

“Yes of course we can, what a brilliant idea. Let me go and get the clay.”

In the Pre-Prep children are taught through a topic based creative curriculum where all areas are covered through an over-arching topic. This allows children to explore geography, history and science in a creative way through drama and stories, supporting them to make links in their learning experiences. It also means we can get out and about using our fantastic school grounds and facilities to support what we have discovered in the classroom.

“Now that we know what a habitat is, I wonder how many different habitats we can find around school?”

And off we go.


At Beeston we love the great outdoors.

In our outdoor school sessions, children develop the important skills which will help them both in the classroom and in the wider global community. They learn to listen, work as a team and to think creatively to solve a problem.

Our fabulous location means that we can also use nature as inspiration for our learning opportunities and the children enjoy making links between the indoor and outdoor classrooms.

So let’s pull on our boiler suits, find a pair of wellies and get out there!


We believe in building positive relationships with everyone in our school community and beyond. We want everybody, children and parents, to feel part of our Beeston family. In our Pre-Prep we know that working closely with parents is the best way of supporting children to achieve their potential and to build solid foundations at the start of their on-going path to a life-long love of learning.

We operate an open door policy where teachers are available to chat to at drop off and pick up times for a quick, informal catch up about your child. We regularly invite parents in for story times and the children love planning events for their families to attend.


Every child in our Pre-Prep, from Reception to Year 2, has their own online learning journal provided through the app ‘Tapestry’. At the start of the year you will be given a login to view your child’s journal which is regularly updated with photos, videos and anecdotes. This provides a helpful prompt for discussion about what your child has learned that day and gives next steps for your child’s development. You can update us too with pictures and clips of what you have been learning at home! This all builds up a picture of your child and their learning and development throughout their time at our Pre-Prep. The children love this open channel of communication between home and school and they look forward to me showing them the comments that you write about what they have been getting up to.