A leading day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 4 - 13 yrs set on the idyllic North Norfolk Coast

Healthy food and Happy grey matter

At Beeston we have fresh, healthy, home-cooked food, using locally sourced ingredients. Our meals are varied, nutritious, well-balanced and above all delicious!

Our Catering team cook breakfast, Little Tea, lunch and supper seven days a week, and they also bake Beeston’s famous match teas, stage silver service canapé receptions and banquets for the Summer Ball, Christmas party, and other fund-raising events throughout the year.

We ensure that all of our butchers, greengrocers and suppliers are committed to providing the best quality, with the highest standards of accredited health and safety. Food is locally sourced wherever possible and, as a matter of course, our suppliers have procedures covering full traceability of source through the supply chain, with comprehensive food labelling, containing allergen and nutritional data.

Mealtimes are a time to refuel, socialise and catch up with each others’ news, so children of different ages sit together in what we call ‘family service’. Our main meal of the day is always varied and nutritious, with fish served at least once a week and a vegetarian option always available, notwithstanding  the ever popular mid-week roast on Thursdays. Our salad bar, of over ten dishes, is open every day, with a choice of fresh fruit or pudding to follow. For supper there is always a hot meal and salad bar, followed by a pudding and/or yoghurts, cheese and biscuits and fresh fruit.

Children have ‘Little Tea’ at morning break time, which will be either a homemade biscuit, flapjack, sandwich or fruit, with a drink. At 4.30pm children are encouraged to have a piece of fruit with a drink. Fruit is available throughout the day.

Boarders may buy a small amount of sweets from Tuck on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We ask that parents do not send in additional tuck, as the children are not allowed sweets outside of these times.

Children are encouraged to drink throughout the day so water is available from the dining room or the water fountains distributed around the school. Juice, decaffeinated or herbal tea and/or hot chocolate are provided as treats.

We take a sensitive approach to fussy eaters and all children are encouraged by the adult on their table to try what is on offer, even if they just have a ‘no thank you’ portion.  Please speak to us if your child is a fussy eater and we can devise some strategies together which will help.

We operate a nut aware school. Allergies are catered for on a case-by-case basis and the school will meet individual requirements that are based upon attested medical grounds.

The children’s Food Council meets twice per term to discuss menu planning and any issues the children feel are important in relation to food.

Standards of behaviour are extremely high and pupils are notably polite and well-mannered, including during mealtimes.

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