A leading day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 4 - 13 yrs set on the idyllic North Norfolk Coast

Able, Gifted and Talented

Our children are all individuals with a range of abilities, gifts and talents unique to them. Our aim is to nurture and stimulate these, to enable all our pupils to reach their full potential in all or any of the areas – academia, sport, music, drama and art – where we enrich the curriculum.  The provision, through workshops and clubs, activities, trips, competitions, visiting speakers and extension work, is available to all, to support pupils in every area of school life.

The fostering of gifted and talented children happens within departments and through the flexibility and extension of the school timetable.  For example, talented musicians may have specialist teachers and additional opportunities for public performance in concerts. Our in-house sports coaches can
provide extra coaching or allow for pupils to join regional or national schedules for training or participation. Talented artists have one-to-one guidance and access to their own studio space during break times, evenings and weekends. Within the academic departments, there is a wide range of approaches, each of which is tailored to the subject in question and schedule of extra tutorials.

Throughout the Prep school, those identified as being able, gifted or talented will be monitored and supported by the Deputy Head Academic, pursuing the eventual objective of obtaining a scholarship or award to their senior school.

Results in Common Entrance examinations are consistently high and a large majority of pupils gain awards and scholarships because staff have a secure understanding of the preparation required for these examinations and provide tailored support for potential scholars.

ISI report 2017

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