Expressing ideas visually is a basic human need; cave dwelling people living 40,000 years ago, made visual art and used art to decorate their homes retelling stories or capturing events – we still do this today. Maslow’s famous Triangle of Human Needs identified that being creative is one of the most fulfilling of human experiences. Our aim at Beeston is to equip our children to have the ability to find fulfilment and meaning in life, through creating and enjoying looking at Art.

Art at Beeston is a bustling and vibrant subject, with evidence of the children’s industry throughout the school. Alongside a newly equipped design and technology studio, we enjoy used of our MacNicol Art Centre which would be the envy of many senior schools, with its own large open plan studio with kiln, as well as facilities for textiles, enamelling, printing and a scholars’ gallery for those seeking quiet study. There is an ‘open door’policy so these facilities are always available and our positive, nurturing approach means that all pupils have a chance to succeed, learning the tools of self expression as they explore the world around them.

The department is generously resourced, with a wide range of study programmes including batik design, applique techniques, felt-making, tie dyeing and decorative stitching, sewing using a sewing machine, printing on fabric using collage, as well as silk screen and lino cuts.


‘We are passionate about providing the opportunity for children to experience art in all its forms and to use it as a means of playful experimentation but serious learning and self expression.’

Fred de Falbe, Headmaster 


The beautiful seashore setting of Beeston provides inspiration and opportunity in equal measure for our art students. Children learn a range of practical art skills and techniques, but also how to observe and analyse, thereby improving their understanding of the work of other artists, craft makers and designers around the world and in other cultures. Children regularly enter competitions such as the Royal Norfolk Show’s Children’s Art competition and the Stody Young Talent Awards and have winning prizes for both abstract and carefully observed figurative work.



Francesca Raison

Francesca Raison arrived in February 2017  as Head of Department. She is a professional artist and qualified teacher, and believes the two work alongside one another to help make a dynamic artistic environment for pupils. She encourages pupil lead learning, adventurous risk taking and collaborative projects. Nothing is impossible and everyone has artistic ability! She strongly believes that the art classroom should have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, allowing every pupil to express themselves artistically.

Outside the classroom Mrs Raison is an oil painter and runs pop up art exhibitions, in which she sells her own work and the work of other, local artists. She also helps curate and run the Holt Festival art trail. She loves the countryside and spends lots of time sketching and painting outdoors.