Year 4 Victorian Trip:

On Tuesday, Year 4 were lucky enough to be transported back in time to the year 1898 for their visit to the Victorian School at Great Cressingham, ably run by our headmistress for the day, Miss North.  Lessons of recitation, mental arithmetic, spelling and handwriting  were enjoyed by all the children, alongside hymn practice with both the piano and accordion.  Writing on slates proved a challenge for some, but using the ink pots, pens and blotting paper was a real treat!

After a lunch of bread, cheese, sponge cake and an apple, the girls practiced sewing and made lavender bags, whilst the boys completed a still life study in chalk.  The children also tried their hand at mastering some traditional Victorian toys; wooden hoops for the girls; metal hoops for the boys; spinning tops; flip books; nine-pin bowling; skipping ropes and the ball and cup.  An exciting day of living history, which really brought Victorian schooling to life for everyone.