History is, above all, the study of human behaviour, giving children the opportunity to learn about themselves and their society in a uniquely meaningful way. We want our children to leave Beeston understanding life in Britain today, and our place within the wider world.

We encourage pupils to be passionate about the past and to examine events and the actions of great men and women with a critical and enquiring mind. In History, we are aiming to nurture the children’s understanding of the process of historical argument by encouraging them to collect, sift and evaluate evidence using a wide range of resources, including ICT, the Internet and even books! We also endeavour to improve their skills in reading, writing, note-making, and the construction of coherent explanations. We expect active participation, empathy, tolerance and respect for different nationalities, races and beliefs in our lively classroom discussions and work.

wwiiiconDID YOU KNOW?

Beeston Hall School was seriously damaged by a German bomb in the summer of 1940.

History is an exciting and relevant subject, and we inspire the children’s enthusiasm and curiosity about the past further, by organising trips and visits throughout the year. For example the children go to Castle Acre, Walsingham, and have had the wonderful opportunity to visit Pompeii. We want our pupils to leave Beeston with an excellent understanding of the past, the analytical skills they will need to succeed in the future, and a love for the events, individuals and societies that have shaped our world.


Years 3 and 4
Years 5-8