Year 8 RNLI and Seal Visits


Year 8 RNLI and Seal Visits


Hopping into the school bus at the beginning of the day, we were full of hope for the day ahead.  We arrived at Morston with a few minutes to spare, so had a wander around, whilst waiting for the boat to be ready. Once we were on the boat and ready to go, we were given a brief talk before we set out along Blakeney Point (a coastal spit). At the end of the spit, we came across two types of seal: grey seals and common seals. There was even a common seal pup! We watched them lying on the bank and bobbing around in the sea for a bit then we came back to the quay. We thanked the men and jumped on the bus to go to the RNLI station on the pier in Cromer.



Once there, we were given an interesting talk about the boat and the RNLI by Mr Webster.  He spoke to us for a while and then we made our way, on foot, to the Henry Blogg Museum. This place taught us about what a heroic person Henry Blogg was and how he saved them using different equipment to what is used today. This was inspirational and we learned a lot.


After the museum visit, we made our way down to the beach, where we had our packed lunch and had a rest on the rock. Once we had finished our lunch, we started our never ending hike back to school, I think it was 7km. Exhausted and out of breath, we reached West Runton beach where Mr Burnell and Mr Corbishley bought us an ice cream each. Refreshed and ready to move on, we dragged our worn-out bodies back, past Beeston Regis church, to school where we were just in time for games.

Kate W (Year 8 pupil)