Year 6 Art Trip to The Sainsbury Centre:

Year 6 visited the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts on Thursday, where they were treated to a host of art and sculpture. We looked at paintings by the greats such as Fancis Bacon, David Hockney and Frank Auerbach. A piece which stood out for many of the children was Edgar’s Degas exquisite Ballerina sculpture, one of only a handful that were ever made. The children not only got a good dose of art but were treated to some history, RS and Geography while they studied and sketched hundreds of ancient artefacts, collected over the years by Mr and Mrs Sainsbury, from all around the world. Favourites included a miniature carved Pharaoh bust, ancient weapons and masks and an Egyptian hippopotamus ornament.

We even squeezed in a wander around the sculpture park, where the children questioned some of the more avant garde pieces, asking ‘is this art? Why is it art?’ An excellent question and one we debated while studying the sculptures.

It was a fascinating day and insightful too, hearing the children’s thoughts about the works, particularly finding out which one item each of them would take home and why! What a special place to have on our doorstep!