Year 3 Visit to the Mo Museum, Sheringham


Year 3 had a particularly intrepid start to their day on Tuesday 3rd October, when they scaled all 63 metres of Beeston Bump in a raging wind, all before 9am! They were heading to the Sheringham Museum, where they spent the morning learning about Human Geography, and the development of Sheringham as a settlement. The children were encouraged to think about what settlers looked for in a location 1000 years ago, and how in the eyes of an Anglo-Saxon, Sheringham really did ‘have it all!’It was fascinating learning about the history of the town, and how such a relatively small settlement can have such a strong local identity. Learning a bit of Sheringham lingo, we found out that not every ‘gansey wearing shannock’ would have been impressed when the railway arrived in 1897. The transformation from sleepy fishing hamlet to bustling holiday town happened in just a few years, and it was interesting to think about whether Sheringham’s fortunes changed for the better or for the worse. Given the fact that Starlings opened when the railway arrived, most of the children definitely had a clear opinion.