‘Wrap-around’ day care is central to Beeston’s offering, to ensure our day children can access the wide range of opportunities enjoyed by boarders.

We use the phrase ‘Wrap Around Day’ to describe the flexibility we offer day families. Children arrive from 8am and may leave at 3.30pm (Pre-prep) or 4.30pm (Prep). Younger children (Reception – Year 2) can stay until 5.15pm, but many Prep children stay until 5.45pm to do an activity (Years 3-5), or prep (Year 6 upwards). Some may stay until 7.15pm so they can take part in the wide range of evening activities, which are included, along with their meals, in the school fees*. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, children may go home at 4.15pm, depending on their sporting commitments.

Parents tell us that the home time flexibility suits busy family lives and extends the working day for many parents. As their lives grow busier day children often opt to board, to account for play rehearsals, late return from sports matches or a late activity they want to join. Boarding house parents are almost always able to accommodate these requests in advance.


‘I love the fact that I can collect all my children at the same time on my way home from work. It makes life so much easier knowing that all their homework is finished; they’re fed and watered and I don’t have to bundle them up and charge them to swimming lessons because they’ve already done it at school.’



*There are one or two after-school activities using external coaches which incur a separate fee. These will always be clearly marked for you in activity descriptions and during the sign up process.