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Our activities programme is available to all boarders and day children and is included within our school fees*. The junior activities (Y3-5) run from 5pm-5.45pm and seniors (Y6-8) begin their activities after supper from 6.15pm-7.15pm.

We are an ‘outdoorsy’ school in a beautiful coastal location, so we naturally introduce every child to the widest possible range of outdoor activity and experience. Through fun, practical exploration, children develop their knowledge, confidence and appreciation of the natural world, taking part in a broad spectrum of physical, creative and rewarding activities together.  Whether it’s camp fire cooking, astronomy, animation club, kayaking or cribbage, the programme is designed to ensure there is something for everyone.

‘Dining a la de Falbes’ – The concept is simple: A small team of Year 8 boarders, on a rota basis, arrive on the Headmaster’s doorstep once a term to cook a three course meal of their choice for the de Falbes plus two other members of staff. Happy chat and laughter fills the rather warm kitchen and the results, considering some of the boys and girls say they have never cooked before, are extraordinarily delicious.

Even younger chefs have a go! During Junior Activities children take it in turns to cook once a week in Mrs de Falbe’s home kitchen, feasting on Butterfly Cakes, Cheese Straws and Muffin Pizza.

The Dance programme include Ballet and Scottish Reels Dancing which ends with a Scottish Reels evening for parents, staff and children, with many regaled in Scottish ‘uniform’, dancing to the likes of ‘Strip the Willow’, the ‘Eightsome Reel’ and ‘Duke of Perth’.

*There are one or two after-school activities using external coaches which incur a separate fee. These will always be clearly marked for you in activity descriptions and during the sign up process. 


Being located so close to the sea, lots of children are keen sailors and Beeston has its own fleet of ‘Toppers’ for the children to sail at Wroxham Broads.