Simon Kinder talk on Donald Maclean


Simon Kinder Talk


The above is a photograph of Donald Maclean, an Old Greshamian, and perhaps better known as one of the Magnificent Five (Cambridge Spies).  However, as a number of Beestonians learnt yesterday evening he was not the only Greshamian who aided the Soviet Union, just the most prominent.

The children were treated to a fantastic talk about Norfolk and how it has many links to the world of espionage. Indeed, as Mr Kinder outlined Gresham’s from a school of 240 pupils could boast five prominent Soviet moles. Mr Kinder outlined their lives and careers and then hypothesised on the notion of why they acted as they did. The children were involved throughout, both contributing to the subject matter and asking pertinent questions at the end. Mr Kinder, as ever, was on top form as were the children.

All in all, it was a most worthwhile evening and I very much hope that the children gained much from it.