Senior Girls Hockey Tour








6 – 2



12 – 1



3 – 1





4 – 1



12 – 3



9 – 1


Played 6          Won 4             Goals Scored 39         Goals conceded          14


The U13 girls’ hockey tour was once again a huge success on many levels. This was the biggest group of girls we have ever taken on this tour and everyone enjoyed it and contributed to its success. The hockey improved match by match as the players became more familiar with playing in certain positions and with knowing what their particular roles within the team are. We were able to move players between various teams and were able to give all girls some pitch time. All of our host schools looked after us extremely well and it was a pleasure visiting the three schools. As well as the hockey, we were able to fit the all-important shopping in, in Peterborough – which the girls greatly enjoyed. Primark and Tiger doing the majority of the business with the girls, and H&M with the staff! We were also able to have a look at Peterborough Cathedral and the grave of Katharine of Aragon where Clemmie T placed a pomegranate on it which was her heraldic symbol, and which was the symbol of fertility in the medieval world!

My congratulations to all the girls on the tour and my thanks to all of the parents who supported us and to Miss Williams and Mr Ewart for their fantastic support.


Mr. Hammond