We find that children learn best in the morning and love a good run around in the fresh air during the afternoon. That’s why we have six x35 minute lessons before lunch, then just two lessons after lunch before games at 3.15pm every day (apart from Monday).

Games finishes at 4.30pm, when Day Children in Years 3-5 may go home, or choose to stay at school to join the Years 3-5 Boarders for Junior Activities which finish at 5.45pm. From 5-5.45pm, Years 6-8 Day Children and Boarders have a Prep Session, which is optional for Day Pupils who may choose instead to complete it at home.

All children in Years 6-8 can join the Boarders for supper at 5.45pm and Evening Activities, which finish in time for parents to collect at 7.15pm.


‘We want children to seize opportunities and make the most of all that Beeston has to offer. That’s why the cost of after-school activities for all children, is included in school fees.’*


*There are one or two after-school activities using external coaches which incur a separate fee. These will always be clearly marked for you in activity descriptions and during the sign up process.


There are six x35 minute lessons taught on Wednesday mornings, followed by lunch and an extended games session and/or matches against other schools. At 4.15pm Day Children may go home, whilst Boarders enjoy some free time followed by a private study period in Years 7 & 8. The remaining Boarders take part in a variety of different activities until supper.

On Saturdays, the day begins with a service at Beeston Regis Church, taken either by our Chaplain or a visiting preacher from another school. Lessons follow the same pattern as Wednesday, but they are 30 minutes in duration.


Our Beeston Weekends are themed and Sundays are designed to offer children a wonderful range of activities, as well as opportunities to have a rest and spend some time just ‘chilling out’ with friends. Year 8 children are allowed to walk into Sheringham to spend their pocket money – they love this privilege!


Children have morning little tea at 10.30 am, lunch at 12.45pm, afternoon little tea at 4.30pm, and supper at 5.45pm.  Fruit is available all day.

Boarders’ Bedtimes

Children’s bedtimes are staggered depending on age. The Boarders Handbook gives more information about timings.

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