Highly prized, scholarships are awarded to children in recognition of proven talent and leadership from entry at 11+ upwards.

Scholarships exist to recognise distinctive academic ability or special talent in Art or Music. Scholars are expected to provide the school with intellectual and cultural leadership,  inspiring its community.

Scholarships are merit awards and involve the reduction in fees by a percentage (see below). Tenure of any award depends upon continued high standards and progression during a child’s time at Beeston.

Beeston is committed to enabling as wide a body of pupils as possible to access its outstanding schooling. While the scholarship discounts are modest, families can apply for a limited number of means-tested bursaries to support entry to Beeston and supplement scholarship awards.

‘On the day I was a bit nervous, but the teachers were really kind. I had to do some tests with the other children and then we got to eat biscuits. Now I’m here, we get to do so many more subjects than we did at my last school. We do so much more sport at Beeston too, it’s great!’

Rebe, All-Rounder Scholarship from Langham Primary School


A scholar should show:

Tenacity: A scholar will be determined to always give of their best. They will be determined to improve in their chosen field and to strive to be the best they can, always.

Passion: A scholar has a true love of their chosen field. They have a desire to be the best they can be, and to investigate and work on their talent independently and a wish to improve in all areas of their passion.

Respect: A scholar understands that others may perform better than them and be willing to show appreciation for the help, guidance and feedback given to them so as to further improve their own chosen field.

Resilience: A scholar is aware that excelling within a field, will also mean the occasional knockback. A scholar will use this as part of their learning and be determined to re-double their efforts to perform at a higher level, learning from mistakes and poor performance.

Responsibility: A scholar is able to use their talent in a way to help guide others and support those less able than themselves. They should show leadership within their chosen field and empathy with those around them.

Citizenship: A scholar should be able to work within the community of Beeston Hall School, to integrate with all and show the level of behaviour we expect from all our pupils.


Potential scholars will be asked to take part in a number of informal tests and interviews with the Headmaster or Master of Scholars during the January of their incoming year.

To discuss any aspect of potential scholarships please contact:

Registrar (Mrs Vivien Farnell): [email protected]
Master of Scholars (Mrs Amanda Faye): [email protected]