A Prefect at Beeston Hall School is someone who is a role model for all Beestonians.

Prefects are selected from the Year 8 group, voted on by staff, their peers and the outgoing Year 8 children.  They set the tone and pace amongst an outstanding selection of role models.  They welcome guests, do duties, guide and steer younger children as well as their contemporaries. The prefect position is sincerely coveted one, with rewards as well as responsibilities, and looked up to by all the children. The prefects have regular meetings with the Deputy Head or Headmaster to review and discuss the workings of the school.


Being a Prefect is sometimes tough but is a rewarding position to hold



The School Council is made up of Form Captains and Vice Captains, and it meets several times each term to discuss the views of the classes, concerns or suggestions. The school menus and our school uniform policy are old regular chestnuts, but the core purpose is to promote ideas about democracy and good listening. Most recently we have voted to ban single use plastic in the school!