The whole ethos of Beeston Hall School is one of preparation. To give pupils opportunities to learn skills and develop their range of knowledge as they prepare for senior school and beyond.

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship and Economic Education (PSHEE) plays an important role across the whole school and features in all aspects of Beeston life. It involves a range of ideas and practices to promote the all-round development and well-being of pupils which will enable them to become informed, active and responsible members of local, national and global communities.

In essence the PSHEE course is really about developing life skills. Its main aim at Beeston is to promote pupils personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare all pupils for the opportunities and experiences of life.

In doing so, pupils will have been encouraged to:

  • develop confidence and responsibility
  • make the most of their abilities
  • be prepared to play an active role as citizens
  • develop healthy, safer lifestyles
  • develop good relationships
  • respect the differences between people

It is delivered by Form Tutors during Tutorials each week. Either side of half term pupils will meet for an Assembly on a relevant theme linked to promoting the goals of PSHEE. It is acknowledged that PSHEE will feature directly and indirectly in a number of other subjects in the curriculum.

There are a number of extra-curricular activities that include the development of PSHEE. The School Council and Boarding Council are examples of internal bodies that give children opportunities to see how a democratic process works and have their input into how the school is run. Also children are encouraged to participate in a range of community projects, including environmental studies and local charity work.

Lectures and workshops from visiting speakers play an important role too, helping the children become more aware of the different aspects of our society and the difficulties and dangers therein. For example, in Year 7 the pupils have the opportunity to ‘Meet the Police’.

In summary, PSHEE is seen not just as a subject to be fitted into a specific group session, but an ongoing learning experience where pupils develop their understanding of the values that Beeston represents.


Over the last ten years, we have raised money for over 60 charities.