Our matrons are central to creating the holistic and homely feel, not only in the surgery, but across the whole school, which is paramount for the health and wellbeing of pupils and staff.

Medical and pastoral care is available 24 hours a day, provided by a Head Matron and a team of matrons who all hold first aid certificates. There is an open door policy and our surgery is always on hand to offer advice should parents have health concerns about their children or wish to share information relevant to their health and wellbeing.

Medical and pastoral care is available 24 hours a day

Our team of matrons, not only deals with bumps and bruises, but also acts as an ear for non-medical issues. Good communication and collaborative working is practised to ensure continuity of care and pupils and staff feel comfortable about visiting the surgery as and when they wish. We offer a triage service for sports injuries, liaising with external agencies as appropriate, and have access to a school doctor (male or female), counsellor and physiotherapist on request.