Lecture: The Magical Mountains by Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent –

Move over Postman Pan’s van, or Wallace and Gromit’s sidecar – meet Ting Tong the tuk-tuk and Hero the motorcycle! These have been the trusty steeds for Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent on her epic journeys, criss-crossing Asia.  As she took us through the Eastern Himalayas, we were entranced by the tales of head-hunters and animal sacrifice, just as we were by Antonia’s story-telling, keeping an audience ranging between 6 and 60 (possibly more!) spell-bound. From animations of the Indian and Eurasian plates crashing together 50 million years ago, to roast rats and bats, and grizzled tribesmen, there was an overriding message I wholly endorse: about making connections, about getting beyond one’s comfort zone, about trusting instinct, about the way smiles and kindness transcend language barriers and difference. It was a blisteringly good show, full of fun and wisdom, provoking the most brilliant questions!