The beauty of the Sciences is that you are constantly experiencing the effects of it in everything you do. Literally from brushing your teeth in the morning, through playing sports on the Games pitches, to turning the light on at night – Science is present.

Children at Beeston are so very lucky to have such wonderful resources both within and outside the classroom. Science is taught as a discrete subject from Year 3 and all the children have access to the laboratories. From Year 6 Science is taught as three separate sciences as we move towards preparation for CE and Scholarship. A Science Club runs throughout the year where there is a chance for children to run and present their own projects (mostly involving food…) and each Lent Term years 5, 6 and 7 take part in the hotly contested ‘Science Essay Prize’, an independently completed piece of written work based on a given Science topic.

Living in Norfolk means we have ample opportunity to go on visits: The Green Britain Centre at Swaffham, The Hawk and Owl Trust at Sculthorpe Moor and the Mo in Sheringham are regulars in the curriculum. We often have visiting Senior School staff coming to give a taste of ‘Big School’ Science, along with visits to some of our feeder schools for competitions and master classes.




Mrs Amanda Faye

(BSc, PGCE: Head of Science, Director of Studies and Master of Scholars)

Amanda has been at Beeston Hall School for 14 Years arriving from Chelmsford where she ran the Physics Department in a busy Comprehensive School. She is thoroughly enthusiastic about all things to do with Science and will use it to explain all aspects of life at Beeston – from meal times to Games time. She can also be heard practicing her clarinet at the back of the lab quite often!

Mr James Ashcroft

(BSc, PGCE: Head of Pastoral Care and Head of Boarding)

James is now entering his 9th year at Beeston Hall School. Prior to his time here he worked at Gresham’s Prep School. Mr Ashcroft happens to be Mrs Faye’s little brother and is equally enthusiastic about all things Science. He really enjoys blowing things up in the lab and playing with the data-logging equipment to make amazing graphs. He can often be found on a Rugby Field, the Athletics track and also at the bottom of the Main House stairs singing and playing one of his many guitars.