Around a third of our children visit the Learning Support department at some point during their time at Beeston. 

This could be for anything from one session per week to sort out a particular problem, to a tailored programme of up to four interventions each week for the required time. There is absolutely no stigma attached to this – the children love attending, they understand the value of this and are keen to pass on the tools they acquire.


‘Beautiful, breezy Beeston … the sea air clearly works wonders on the young grey matter.’

Tatler Schools Guide, 2017


The Learning Support department compiles a profile plan for each child, including their strengths, weaknesses and how they learn best. With this is an individual programme of support which ensures clear, achievable goals are set and most effective ways of learning noted. The Learning Support department is open throughout the working day so any child needing support can drop in just for a chat, to get some advice, or help with prep.


Our motto, “Floreat Fiducia” means “let confidence flourish”.