At Beeston Hall, we offer all children the opportunity to study French from Years 2-8. Taught by specialist teachers, with a range of experience both in the UK and further afield, we aim to develop our pupils’ ability to communicate effectively in French, to develop their understanding of language, build a solid foundation for the learning of other languages, and increasingly importantly, to appreciate different cultures and people, and what makes them tick.

In the Pre-Prep, the focus is on the first few steps in French and the enjoyment that saying and learning things differently can bring. In Years 3 and 4, pupils are introduced to the key topics that form the basis of their future learning, with a focus on understanding and speaking French, and our teaching naturally aims to support our pupils in their learning of English. In Year 5, written work is introduced, and pupils begin the topics required for Common Entrance, ensuring that there is plenty of time to cover the syllabus. In addition, we run a number of cultural events and activities, such as the European Day of Languages, singing in the annual Christmas concert, boules competitions and many more.


‘One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way’

Frank Smith, Psycholinguist 


In the Upper School, a greater emphasis is placed on written French in order to lay the foundations for the language required at Common Entrance and Scholarship. At this stage, pupils are setted by ability, and work is differentiated accordingly in order to ensure that pupils’ can achieve their very best and take pride in what they can do. Pupils are encouraged to read in French as much as they can, using our ever growing section of the School Library, and to keep their own vocab log. In Years 7-8, pupils complete a weekly French Journal in addition to their class work, and in Year 8, pupils enjoy an informal weekly French Lunch with their teacher so that they can try out their French in small groups. As well as a trip to France, we also run a French breakfast for Year 6, the Linguatrivia Competition for Year 7, and the Year 8 ‘A Place in Europe’ challenge once the examinations are completed.

Whilst we are absolutely delighted by the achievement of pupils at Common Entrance and Scholarship, the real reward comes from hearing about the achievements of our former pupils at their chosen Senior School. We have very been encouraged to hear that ex Beestonians have continued to excel, and have also gone on to take up other foreign languages at A Level, IB, and beyond – opening up more and more doors in that corridor for life.

For information about what is taught for each year group, please see the table below.


Rebecca Morgan, Head of Department

BA Hons in French and Film Studies; Maîtrise Français Langue Étrangère

Life before Beeston Hall School

I joined Beeston Hall School in September 2010 after working at The Frances Bardsley School for Girls where I was Head of Modern Languages, teaching French up to A2. At Beeston, I teach Years 3 to 8 at both Common Entrance and Scholarship level. Since qualifying in 1995 I have worked in a range of schools in both the state and independent sectors.

What do you enjoy about the subject you teach?

I fell in love with French aged seven when on holiday in the South of France. I had a brilliant French teacher at school, who I am still in touch with. Since then, learning French has been an absolute pleasure and I love teaching it to the children at Beeston, and watching them make progress.


In my free time I enjoy travelling, jewellery making, and foreign and independent films. In the future, I would also like to learn Italian and Arabic.

Stephanie Allen

BA Hons French/German; PGCE French/German/English; TEFL

Life before Beeston Hall School

I have been teaching French, English and EAL for many years, beginning my career teaching English near Paris. Before Beeston I taught in a large variety of UK schools, including three large London prep and boarding schools, two selective grammar schools, an inner-city academy and a large South London comprehensive. I have also worked in Australia where I set up a French department in a new school in the outback. I have taught all subjects at primary level, as well as French to A-level, German to GCSE and English at key stage 3. I have held various positions or responsibility over the years and have also been a special needs tutor for a London borough where I coached children with dyslexia. I currently teach French and EAL throughout the school, from Reception to Year 8. I use a variety of methodologies to help the children engage. I use the interactive board in most lessons and believe in the use of songs to promote the learning of vocabulary. Games are also frequently a part of lessons, but text books and grammatical worksheets are equally important when preparing for examinations, especially in Years 7 and 8.

What do you enjoy about the subject you teach?

I love the fact that I can do lots of fun things in French lessons as part of the teaching process. I can strum my guitar (badly) and sing in French, I can play games on the interactive board with the students, and I can use Claude the puppet to help out. I love the French language and the French way of life, and of course the food and wine!.


I like to keep fit to music and go to gym classes most days, if not I go to the pool. I do dabble in art occasionally but tend to like buying art equipment and don’t often get down to actually using it! On the subject of shopping, I also collect designer handbags. I enjoy horse riding and owning a pony has been on my bucket list since age 8, but is a dream yet to be fulfilled. Finally I like gardening and have just acquired a vegetable patch and greenhouse which I am looking forward to working on.