Author Julian Sedgwick held his young audience from the start with an amazing and frank presentation of his desire to write from the tender age of 7, but it was another forty years before his first book was published.  Time spent in Japan, a degree in Oriental Studies at Cambridge University, as well as a desire to master certain circus skills until finally, ‘The Mysterium’ trilogy was born followed shortly after by the ‘Ghosts of Shanghai’ and its sequel.  Now a successful author and a marvellous raconteur, Julian held his audience in suspense, in particular, with his ability to knife juggle three sharp looking knives.  Calling for a brave volunteer, he proceeded to slice an apple on the volunteer’s outstretched hand, stalling only to use a blindfold.  Although he didn’t actually proceed, our volunteer was unstinting in holding his nerve.  Julian is multi-faceted; an amazing writer who just happens to juggle knives. See what the EDP says about our event.