‘The effect of Beeston on its pupils is powerful and long-lasting. Leavers treasure their experience here and find it a terrific springboard, leaving the school with notable good manners and a spirited approach to life. Prepared as they are, Beeston children are much in demand amongst the many senior schools they go on to, as grounded and capable contributors.

Learning to become good role models is at the centre of Beeston’s mission, living life ‘truthfully’, with smiles and challenges so that achievement arises through confidence gained. The family feel of Beeston means that children get to know each other well, naturally gathering in mixed age groups regularly: during activities and in the evening, as well as at assembly and mealtimes. Correspondingly, every one of my staff knows the children very well, nurturing them as individuals as well as in groups, with younger children taking their cue from the older ones as they grow into themselves.

Choosing the right school for your child is a huge decision; perhaps one of the most important a parent makes. Therefore I would urge you to pay a visit to Beeston in order to meet the pupils and staff of whom I am so proud. I look forward to welcoming you.’

Fred de Falbe, Headmaster