Gresham’s Language Detectives Day:

On Tuesday 2nd October, three Year 8 detectives, Rebe H, Honor S and Brad K, travelled to Gresham’s to solve a ‘Whodunnit’ mystery. The first mystery was how to get into the school car as it was discovered that the back doors did not open externally. Having sorted this out after deciding it might not be a good idea to climb through the windows, the next issue was where to put the key card, and finally how to start the engine? Luckily Madame Allen rose to the occasion and finally the operation began.

We were the first to arrive and so had time to look through the booklets on the Entrance coffee table where an assortment of ex Beestonians were found in the photos, much to the delight of the detectives. We were then taken over the bridge with pupils from Norwich, Taverham and Gresham’s Prep to the impressive Languages block, by Dr Hammond and Mrs Braybrook. There the detectives were trained in the art of speaking and understanding different languages such as Welsh, German, Estonian and Russian.  They learned how to use different skills to understand, recognise and remember vocabulary. There were memory games, Chinese whispers and other tricks that Dr Hammond had up her sleeve to help the detectives on their quest.

We were then treated to a lovely lunch and back in the Languages Block, the final test was presented. Could the detectives solve the mystery and say who did it, where and how? They did this with clues presented in different languages and were not even told what the languages were! Each group was successful and showed that they had learnt a great deal about different languages and how language works.

The detectives returned to Beeston with certificates and medals to prove their achievements as great language detectives!