The emphasis on exams and assessments is two-fold at Beeston:

To help guide our teaching

To provide feedback to the children, which is shown to be the most important tool to improve children’s learning

In their final year at Beeston, all the children will either take Common Entrance or a scholarship exam to their senior school. To find out more about how it works, please download the documents below:

Admission to Senior
Schools Guide

Scholarships to Senior Schools Parents’ Guide


Year 8s take exams in each of their final three terms with Common Entrance taking place following half term in the Summer Term.
Year 7s take exams in the Lent and Summer Terms only in all subjects.
Year 6s take exams in the Summer Term only in all subjects.
Year 5s take exams in the Summer Term only but in core subjects alone (English/Maths/Science/French).



Once the exams are over each term, results are sent home along with a set and year group average to give parents a context to their child’s results. At the start of each academic year all the children throughout the school are assessed in the following: reading ability, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. This enables us to track each child’s progress annually and assess whether or not we need to look closer at a child’s results to see why they are not achieving against the norms. The data is also used as important and useful indicators of academic potential, particularly the verbal and non-verbal reasoning results. In addition, the results provide senior schools with useful indicators when references are written for each child prior to entry at their next school.


At the end of each half-term subject assessments are sent home along with a brief comment from each child’s Form Tutor. These assessment reports give parents an informed summary of each child’s achievements and effort over the course of each half term. Each subject is graded A-E and effort is graded 1-4 with 1 being outstanding effort and 4 being poor effort.


Formal parent-teacher meetings are held in the second half of the Michaelmas Term with an additional meeting held in the Lent Term for children in Year 8 following their mock Common Entrance exam results. Regular day- to-day contact with teachers and Form Tutors is encouraged and welcomed. There is always an opportunity to speak to any teacher either by catching them at school, particularly at the start and end of the day, or via e-mail correspondence.


Written reports are provided at the end of every term. Michaelmas term reports are shorter versions (because of parent-teacher meetings held earlier in the term) of the full report received at the end of the Lent and Summer Terms. The emphasis in the written reports is to provide you with: a brief outline of what has been taught over the term; an honest and meaningful appraisal of your child’s progress and how hard they have worked; and some targets for each child to work on the following term.