Congratulations to our U13 Girls Hockey Team – Norfolk Schools Champions


V Langley Prep – Won 4 – 0

V Norwich High – Won 2 – 0

V Norwich School – Won 3 – 0

V Town Close – Won 1 – 0

V Gresham’s Prep – Won 2 – 0

Our girls deserve a huge amount of credit for this fantastic achievement.  Not only did they win all of their matches which is an extremely rare thing at these tournaments however, they did so without conceding a goal.  This really was a remarkable day all-round.  Each and every member of the squad contributed to the success of the team, in the first game when we got off to a flying start against Langley we were able to give everybody a game and were able to rest mid-field players for latter matches.  This proved key in the final two tight games against Town Close and Gresham’s Prep where our mid-field were able to keep going when under pressure.  In attack we looked dangerous down the right hand-side and the beauty of hockey is that everyone has a role to play.  Our goal against Town Close came after a brilliant save from Elisabeth M which Eliza D picked up in our own ‘D’ she then ran the length of the pitch put the cross into the goal area and Oosha M finished it off, 8 seconds earlier we could have been 1 – 0 down!  It was great for Elisabeth M to see how important the role of a goalkeeper is!

To score 12 goals and concede 0 was truly remarkable.  Felicity B was strong at the back and hit some lovely 16’s.  The mid-field unit worked tirelessly in defence and attack, Oosha M proved too quick for many of her opposition defenders and provided the team with lots of crosses and chances as well as scoring a couple herself and Lydia B-L helped out the mid-field whilst making sure she was in the ‘D’ ready to attempt to take some of those chances.  This was a real squad effort and all 10 members of the squad had an impact upon the success of the team.  Most encouraging is the fact that the squad was a split of five Y8’s and five Y7’s, all of whom will have gained valuable experience from the day.  My thanks to all of the supports who braved the cold wind and my thanks to everyone who contributed to the purchasing of the new school sports coats as these proved extremely useful with 19 girls representing the school at U11 and U13 age groups.  Congratulations girls, you were all awesome.

Mr. Hammond