For almost 70 years Beeston has been providing a matchless education for children of families throughout the county and beyond, from which has sprung success, fulfilment and life-affirming confidence. The touchstone for this success lies in the school’s commitment to children enjoying their school days, whilst being challenged and stretched, and thereby becoming the outstanding role models they are.

We are dedicated to this central aim and so, like many leading UK schools, are launching a Foundation to ensure we can build on this vision. In so doing we acknowledge the need for support to strengthen our tradition of providing an inclusive and nurturing education to as wide a constituency of children as possible, alongside building a modern and relevant learning environment. Achieving all these aims from fee income alone represents a challenge. Only twice has the school sought extraordinary funding for major projects and has the rare distinction of never having carried debt. The Beeston Foundation is the key to maintaining our core strengths and building an exciting future for generations to come.


The Foundation is a charitable fundraising body created as a platform from which the school can broaden its offering of a life-changing education in this remarkable location. The aims of The Foundation are two-fold:

  • to fund bursaries in support of diversity and inclusion. We aim to enable families, regardless of circumstances, to give their child a Beeston education;
  • to fund capital projects, large and small, to ensure resources and facilities are available to meet the needs of children in the modern world.


New assembly area and sports complex
• Sustainable energy system
• Pre-prep school expansion
• Outdoor learning centre and farm
• Expansion of cricket provision
• The ‘Beeston Amphitheatre’ created from the old swimming pool area


The Foundation will host a small number of significant events each year.


The Beeston Foundation welcomes support from Old Beestonians, parents, grandparents and staff. Whatever your reason for giving, whether it is an acknowledgement of gratitude for your own time spent at the School, or because you would like to further support your child or grandchild at Beeston, you can be assured your donation will ‘land’ where you aim it.


The Beeston Foundation is coordinated by:
• The Head, Fred de Falbe
• The Bursar, Sandra Lubbock
• The Foundation Chairman, Damian Riley-Smith
• The Chair of Governors, The Earl of Leicester
• Foundation Governor, Henrietta Lindsell

It does not matter how small or large the gift, it is the regularity over a period of time that is so important as it enables the Foundation to forecast and plan accordingly. For example, if 50 individuals give £20 a month over five years it raises £60,000 for the School. Further, if 50 individuals give £50 a month over five years the total value to is £150,000. And Gift Aid further enhances the donation’s value yet further to the School.

How you can give…

The Beeston Foundation will ring-fence funds held within the Beeston Hall School Trust Ltd under charity number 311274, with its own separate bank account.
There are four main ways in which you can give.


These can be monthly, quarterly or annual donations, and the amount is entirely at your discretion. Some suggestions are included in the attached form, but please do list your own figure as you wish.


Making a single donation with a Gift Aid form is the tax efficient way of donating for those who wish to make one or more gift(s) without forward commitment.


For some, a gift of shares, property or works of art may be a preferred method of giving. Not only does this give the Foundation a potentially appreciating asset, but it can also be very tax-efficient for the donor. Gifts of publicly quoted shares, in addition to being exempt from CGT liability, will enable the donor to claim tax relief on the current value of the shares. The direct transfer of property or works of art will not incur liability to CGT, while all outright gifts, including bequests, are exempt from inheritance tax. Please contact the Bursar to discuss further.


Your will is one of the most generous and lasting ways you can remember the School. Adding a codicil providing the Beeston Foundation with a gift is a simple process and we ask you to consider this as an option when you review your will.

While some donors may prefer anonymity, permanent tributes to significant donors can be displayed at the school in an appropriate manner.


Please contact us at [email protected]
or The Bursar at [email protected]
or by phone 01263 837 324
Beeston Hall School, West Runton, Cromer, Norfolk NR27 9NQ