As the last genuinely independent boarding prep school in Norfolk, we stake our reputation on finding the right school for each of our pupils leaving at 13.

Children from far and wide win entry to senior schools across the country, through Common Entrance, scholarship or the school’s own entrance exams. We are expert and experienced at preparing children for the individual schools they go onto. In the last two years over 65% of leavers have gained scholarships and/or awards, across the fields of academia, sport, music, drama and art.

Helping to choose a school is a key part of the Headmaster’s role, as preferences, preconceptions and aspirations align with the abilities and development of the children in Beeston’s care. While many, naturally enough, go on to attend day schools, there are many more who join Beeston because it provides for such a wide selection of options from which to choose for the 13+ transfer.

Over the last 5 years, our leavers have gained entry to the following schools: